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Where do you stand on your personal development journey today?

There is so much to do and doing it alone is not always easy ...

So much to do, to explore, to improve, to change...

And that's why:

  • Leaders have coaches.

  • Athletes have coaches.

  • Coaches themselves have coaches.

  • People who really want to give their best shot in order to succeed and be happy (whatever this means to them) also have coaches.

Not that they would not succeed if they did not have coaches.


They will get there, but at what cost, to what level, how long will it take them?

So perhaps what you want is to ...

  • Improve your mindset and build success habits - focus, structure, self-discipline for example

  • Free yourself from certain limiting beliefs and fears, take action despite them in order to achieve your plans and blossom

  • Set goals, clarify your vision, and implement an action plan - if you are stagnating in your life right now, this might be able to help you

  • Fill up your gauge of self-esteem and self-confidence - a lack of which is responsible for many sufferings and mental blocks

  • Create and/or maintain balance in your life, which is too often difficult to commit to

  • Make decisions and take action - rather than to suffer, to wait, to doubt, or to let others choose for you

  • Find your purpose, progress your career or change careers

  • Improve your performance and results - take it to the next level in your business and / or your life

What do you need today in order to live the life you want?

Stop going blank looking at the same things. Stop contemplating those things you want. Stop trying to do everything on your own.

Book your free discovery call with me and let's discuss how I can help you.

As a Mindset and personal development Coach, I will help you ...

  • Organise your thoughts and ideas

  • Transform beliefs that prevent you from moving forward into beliefs that facilitate your success

  • Reprogram your mind and change the way you think to be aligned with the results you want to achieve

  • Make decisions, implement an action plan and execute it step by step

  • Refocus your attention on yourself, your needs, your desires, your strengths, your talents. All that's negative about you, you are already taking good care of it on your own!

  • Boost your motivation and your confidence, by shaking you with kindness

  • Find answers and solutions that suit you, your circumstances, and your goals

  • Achieve your goals and learn the lessons that will allow you to progress towards a new version of yourself

Here is how I plan to go about it

By using techniques and coaching exercises that will help you self-reflect, break through, make decisions, and mainly take the actions we will have identified together.

By having the benefit of hindsight and by listening to you without judgement that allows you to share and grow.

By using all my knowledge and experience to advise you to the best of my abilities.

All with kindness and fun!

Your life is your responsibility

It is up to you to decide what you want to do with it, with what you can control - your ambitions, your thoughts, your actions.



I personally understood it a little late (but not too late!). I found myself in a situation a few years ago that no longer suited me. I was suffocating but I couldn't find a way out.


I faced a lot of doubts, mental blocks, failures, and I didn't know how to get rid of them.


So I felt bad, I felt like I was stagnating. I looked at others longingly and couldn't understand why I wasn't succeeding when I was meant to be successful - according to my plan.


And then one day, I had a breakthrough and I made the decision that changed everything for me.


I realised that for years I was driving an Audi but in the passenger seat. As great a car an Audi can be, if no one is behind the wheel it will take you anywhere but where you want to go. This is what happened to me.


So I sat in the driver seat and I drove where I wanted to go.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

Maria Robinson

So, ready to take the next step? Here is how it works.



1 coaching session of 1.5 hours (videoconference call)

1 action plan + personalised exercises

Follow-up via email for 1 week



4 coaching sessions of 1.5 hours (videoconference calls)

1 action plan + personalised exercises

Unlimited follow-ups in-between sessions (5 days a week) via Slack

1 free 30-minute review session

First, book a free call with me to confirm that this coaching will be adapted to your needs.


£ 529

* Payment in installments available


6 coaching sessions of 1.5 hours (videoconference calls)

1 action plan + personalised exercises

Unlimited follow-ups in-between sessions (5 days a week) via Slack

1 free debriefing session of 1 hour

First, book a free first call with me to confirm that this coaching will be adapted to your needs.


£ 659

* Payment in installments available


Following our call , we agree on your problem/questions and your coaching formula.


I will email you our coaching contract as well as a secure payment link. I will also send you a link to my calendar where you can book the time that best suits you for our first session.


They trusted me

Amelia, Life Balance Coach

My coaching sessions with Anh-Sophie have been incredibly eye opening. 


I came to her with a relatively simple goal initially but through working together I was able to see that this goal was just a stepping stone to help me with my larger goal and vision for my life.  Through the coaching process, we then moved onto this larger goal and I was able to take huge steps towards a long-term goal.

She always created a very safe space to talk and has a very calming energy that allowed me to really take my time to get to the answers that I had inside. 


I was so impressed with how she managed to ask brilliant questions that would get to the heart of an issue straight away and allow me to see things differently.

I learnt so much more about myself and certain beliefs I had that were holding me back.  It also allowed me to realise that even a seemingly insignificant belief can have an impact on your day to day life more than you might expect. 

We were able to tackle these things together so that they never felt overwhelming.


I made a huge amount of progress in the areas of personal finance and my business as well as my confidence which allowed me to then excel in the other areas. 


I know that I would not have done a fraction of the things I achieved had it not been for my coaching sessions.

Thank you!

(Organisation. Finances. Business)

I approached Anh-Sophie as I wanted to clarify my 2020 goals.

For the past 2 to 3 years, I've been setting annual goals only in my mind and I only made the step to put them down on paper on the 1st of January. Great! Now I just have to achieve them. And that's where it gets complicated when you're trying to do it alone...

My conversations with Anh-Sophie led me to realise why every end of the year felt the same, like "I haven't achieved much this year." My goals were too vague, with no deadlines and they did not motivate me. Even worse, some of them were not even proper goals!

Now things are clearer, I am making progress towards each of my goals. I am motivated and positive.

Anh-Sophie has been referred to me by a friend and now it is my turn to refer her to you!

On top of that, Creed is one of her favourite films. I don't know about you but to me, this is a quality guarantee.

Aurélia, HRIS Consultant


Nadia, Wealth Manager and Property Investment Consultant

(Organisation. Work / life balance)

I wanted Anh-Sophie to coach me to become the business owner I wanted to be.

From the start of working together, she has listened to my situation and the challenges I was facing as part of my job.


I had a lot of blocking points which she took the time to understand before helping me prioritise them and define actions I could take forward immediately.

Putting what we saw together into practice quickly has been an effective means to stop me from procrastinating - as I often do!

It was important to me that coaching focused on tangible things rather than just concepts. I found that with Anh-Sophie's method.

Between each session, we were able to track my progress and it's impressive!

Anh-Sophie is a coach I recommend for the quality of her follow-ups (including nice digital tools), the efficacy of her coaching, and the fun atmosphere she created. 


Thank you for taking the time to write in. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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