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Take back control, indulge yourself and make your plans come to life serenely


Maybe right now...

  • You've been overdrawn for months and you can't seem to find a way out of it


  • You are struggling to save regularly, although your monthly outgoings are lower than your income


  • No matter how hard you try, you really can't understand where all your money is going. In the middle of the month, there is barely any money left in your account


  • You are a “spendthrift”, you make compulsive and emotional purchases. It makes you feel better. After all, you only live once, right?


  • You want to please your loved ones and saying no to them breaks your heart. So you make unforeseen purchases and you pay it dearly


  • You are afraid to check your bank balance; confirming that you are in the red has become too painful (say hello to debts)


  • You have to postpone your plans, sometimes even wipe them out completely


  • You deprive yourself, you stress because you don't know how you are going to make ends meet. Luck is your best ally


  • You feel guilty every time you use your debit card, your purchases are no longer a treat but they taste bitter like regret


  • You don't know who to turn to, you isolate yourself, you dream your life, you get depressed ...

But when does it all end?

Make the decision and start changing your situation for good now.

Imagine if...

  • You were free to use your money as you see fit (shopping, travel, etc...)


  • You could quit this job which no longer makes you happy


  • You could go back to school or make other dreams come true without being systematically hampered by a lack of money


  • Being overdrawn was ancient story, an old nightmare


  • Your money was serving your life and plans, not the other way around

If I told you that all this was possible, would you believe me?

I have always been reasonable and cautious when it comes to money. I created my first budget in my first year as an undergraduate student.


For me it was obvious. I was living on my own, I had bills to pay, countries to explore, restaurants to try out and heels to buy ...


So I needed an efficient way to plan and control my finances - I needed a budget in fact.

For a long time I thought it was enough and that I knew how to manage my money. But I had hardly any savings. I was living one day at a time, without splurging, and for me that was normal. Everything was fine.

Until the day I ordered a credit card - it's pretty much the same principle as a revolving credit - and then everything went south.

Initially, I just needed a cash advance. And then one day, I spent £500 (which I didn't have) on trainers in a twinkling of an eye. For a few hours, I felt “rich” and it felt so good! Then I got down off my cloud and I felt guilty like never before.


Wait! It didn't stop there...


Travel, gifts, shoes, my accounting certification fees ... To put it briefly, I lost control, without even realising it. Over £ 6,000 in debt accumulated when I had only made "small" purchases each time. Can you understand that?

So being stressed out, feeling like you are stuck, like you have to say no, like you are not able to do what you want, I know it well trust me!

The worst part about it was that I was supposed to know how to manage my finances. Yes, because I was smart, I graduated from a top business school and I had a good job, in finance for that matter. And yet!

This is proof that good money management actually has nothing to do with all of this.


I made mistakes.


And I paid the price.

But I came back from it ...

And today I help women get past their mistakes - no more shame and guilt, we move forward -, adopt the mindset and behaviours that will help them achieve their goals . This is how they improve both their financial and mental health.

I run a 12-week coaching programme, tailored to the needs of each woman I help.

I share with them my knowledge as well as the tools that have personally helped me. My only aim is for them to change their situation in the long term.

I motivate them, encourage them and help them progress step by step.

This coaching combines 3 things:


Transforming your money mindset, your financial beliefs and your way of thinking

Defining and clarifying your financial goals, in line with your life goals

Creating action plans and suitable self-reflecting exercises to allow you to get unstuck and move forward faster and more serenely

Encouraging and motivating you throughout your learning and transformation


Detailed analysis of your current situation (your accounts, your budget, your savings, your debts) + my recommendations to help you understand your finances and improve them.

Creation of your personalised 12-month budget, savings plan and debt repayment plan (if applicable)

Calculation of financial indicators you need to monitor in order to have healthy finances


Basics of financial education, to help you achieve your life plans

Budgeting - how to create, update, adapt and stick to a budget

Savings - the different types of savings. How to create savings adapted to your lifestyle and plans

Say goodbye to overdraft and other debts

With in addition, all my advice to get back control of your finances and therefore of your life.


The winning combo for healthy finances and a more peaceful life.

I am ready to help you. And you, are you ready to change your situation?

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Here is how it works


This first step is essential for me to know more about you and your business project. This will help me determine how best to help you.

You just have to answer the questionnaire available here.


After studying your answers and if I can really help you, I will contact you to schedule a free strategic call.

This call will be an opportunity to better understand your problems and needs so that I can prepare a tailored coaching plan for you, to start creating the coaching relationship, and to see if we get along. We are going to speak very often, you and I, so it is best that we are on the same wavelength. What do you think? And you will also be able to ask me any questions you have.


After our call, if we decide to work together, I will email you a secure payment link as well as our coaching contract.


Once the payment has been made and the contract signed, we plan our first one-hour session.

Your coaching begins. We are together for 12 weeks of awareness and transformation.

Your coaching includes ...


12 video-conference calls of 1 hour


Access to session recordings


Workspace and unlimited follow-ups in-between sessions 


Action plan and exercises at the end of each session


Free review session

They trusted me


Sonia, Public service Director

I've never enjoyed checking my bank statements or plan my months financially speaking... I was doing it in my mind.


When I started working with Anh-Sophie I just wanted to sort my finances. Thanks to her, I have learned to plan, create a budget, and most importantly I have gotten to see my mindset. Then to transform it and to win!


Thanks for your support and for challenging me. Thanks for listening to me and for your patience. To enable me to accept and almost love managing my finances, Woah! In a few sessions,


I've made quite a jump...And I'm grateful for it.


Thanks Coach Anh-Sophie

Marcelle, Retiree

I reached out to Anh-Sophie because I needed advice and techniques to better manage my finances. I'd had enough of anxieties and irritations at the end of each month because I hadn't planned correctly.

During our sessions, I learned how to build a reliable budget, understand it and stick to it. It's like living with a compass that you trust fully.

Today I am serene, I stick to  my budget. No more untimely and unnecessary calculations, no more frustration and disappointments!


I recommend Anh-Sophie's coaching with your eyes closed.

What about you, are you ready to start?

So fill out the pre-coaching questionnaire and tell me about yourself, your plans and the changes you're looking for.

As for me, I look forward to working with you, to seeing your progress and your breakthroughs.


Thank you for taking the time to write in. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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